Pros and Cons of Each Season for a Wedding in Georgia

Choosing a date for your wedding is one of the first steps in planning your big day and gets the ball rolling for booking all of your vendors and the venue.  Picking a date can also seem very overwhelming.  It’s best to think about the pros and cons for each season and decide which works best with your needs and wishes and go from there.

Spring (March, April, May)


  • IMG_3515Flowers are blooming, trees are filling out, the grass is green and the landscape is just gorgeous!
  • You’ll have lots of options for flowers for your bouquets and centerpieces as well as an assortment of fresh veggies and fruit to choose from for your menu.


  • POLLEN.  Take into consideration if you have any allergies.  The last thing you want on your wedding day is to have the sniffles and puffy eyes.  If you’re having an outdoor wedding pollen might also cover some of the outdoor features, so make sure the venue will clean anything necessary.
  • A greater chance of rain.  Rain can really be a factor at any time of the year, but chances that you might see a sprinkle…or a downpour…on your special day is greatly increased.
  • May is usually peak season, which also means peak pricing with some vendors and venues.


Summer (June, July, August)


  • It’s the time of year that’s usually easiest for people to take off from work (and the kids are out.)
  • Travel will typically be easier.
  • You still have a large choice in flowers.


  • The heat.  We all know Georgia summers can get brutal, especially in August.
  • Bugs.  With warmer weather come the mosquitoes and other pests.
  • People are busy with their summer vacations.  Notifying guests of the date far in advance can take care of this.


Fall (September, October, November)141025_KP Photography_ProvostHonsonWeddingseqn}1980


  •  Gorgeous colors with the leaves changing.
  •  Moderate temperatures.


  •   In Georgia, I think we all know what comes to mind in        the fall:  Football.  Even if it is something that is not important to you, chances are it is to at least some of your guests.  They might end up checking their phones constantly for updates or try to track down a TV.  To help reduce the distraction, ask guests to put their phones away for the event and enjoy the dance floor!
  • Guests’ availability might be reduced.  After summer vacations your guests might not have much time left off from work.  Again, let guests know well in advance so they can plan ahead.


Winter (December, January, February)


  • Most venues offer a price break because there is less of a demand.  Other vendors might also offer a reduction in price.
  • You can use unique aspects that wouldn’t be appropriate during other seasons.  For example, if the venue has a beautiful stone fireplace, have a warm fire going and add candles to set the  mood.


  • It’s cold.  Of course, it is the south, so you can often times still have a wedding in December with mild temperatures.
  • The holiday chaos.  Lots of holidays occur during the winter months.  Keep people’s travels and traditions in mind when picking a date.
  • Travel inconveniences because of weather.  If you have out of state guests be aware that a sudden snowstorm could delay flights or make driving nearly impossible.
  • Speaking of snow…Georgia rarely gets a good snow, but in the off chance we do, it could be difficult for many local guests to attend.


Taylor + Chris

My cousin, Taylor, traveled down from Ohio a couple of weekends ago to marry her sweetheart, Chris in beautiful Helen, Georgia.  The next day Taylor wanted to get some extra photos with her husband and immediate family.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not want to cooperate with us and we had a MONSOON.  Luckily for us, my aunt found this adorable chapel in Nicholson to use and even better, the rain stopped for five minutes while we were shooting so they could come out from under the overhangs to get some shots with the beautiful scenery! Here are just a couple of my favorites!IMG_7300_L







Baby Liam

You know that phrase “I could just eat you up?”  Well, that’s what came to mind when I first met baby Liam.  He is the cutest, sweetest little man!  I just love those little baby rolls!  And he didn’t even get the least bit fussy until we were wrapping up and it was nap time.  I think he’s a natural =)









5 Ways to Prepare for Your Spring Wedding Photos


Welcome to our March Blog Hop!

This month we are focusing on all things Spring to help you in the process of planning your wedding or event. Get ready for some great ideas, inspiration and how to as you move along through the blog hop.

You may just be starting the blog hop or may have come from Liz Coopersmith at Silver Charm Events on Natalie’s Blog Hop. If you get off track at any time, the full lineup below will help you move along from blog to blog so you make sure to see and learn from all of the articles featured here today.

Each wedding season throws its own types of curveballs in to trip you up while planning and experiencing your special day.  Today I’m sharing five ways that you can prepare for the photography portion of your spring wedding.

1.  Keep an eye on the weather and plan ahead.  Spring is unpredictable — will we have another cold snap?  Will it rain?  It’s best to be over prepared than caught off guard.

Go over ideas with your photographer if it does rain or it is unseasonably cold.  For example, bring cute, colorful umbrellas and fun rain boots that will brighten up dreary day photos AND keep you dry during some outdoor shots!  Or maybe add cute shawls for you and your bridesmaids to ensure a little added warmth.  Think of ideas that will create fun, unique photos and tell the story of your day.


2. Be open to changes.  Find places inside that will work for photos so you spend less time outdoors if the weather isn’t cooperating.  Trust your photographer to find beautiful places indoors and outdoors, but if you see a location you know you want photos, let them know!  They are there for YOU.

3.  Limit your time in the sun.  Watch how much time you spend in the sun leading up to your wedding and make sure to wear sunscreen.  With warmer days finally popping up it is so nice to be able to spend some time outside!  But beware.  Most of your skin likely hasn’t been exposed to the sun in a few months and will burn easily.  Trust me, I know, I’m dealing with tomato red shoulders right now.  That’s the LAST thing you want to deal with on your wedding both for photos and simply comfort.

4.  Take advantage of natural light and beautiful sceneries.  Speaking of the sun…it will create beautiful light for your photos (without being too hot), so take advantage of the blooming landscapes and venture outside for your photos if at all possible!  If you’re getting married at your church and it doesn’t have an outdoor space see if there’s a place nearby that you love the look of.  Maybe there is a field across the street you can just walk to or maybe on the way to the reception you make a pit stop at a plaza or park.  It will be well worth it!

141025_KP Photography_ProvostHonsonWeddingseqn}1900


5.  Incorporate flowers wherever you can.  Spring is the ultimate season for flowers!  Take advantage of the vast variety you can choose from and use them throughout your wedding details.  They will add a special pizazz to your photos that you wouldn’t be able to get as easily in other seasons.  For example, incorporate a flower head piece, even if it’s just to use during the reception.  It would make for fun, stylish photos!

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