How to Prepare for Your Senior Session

Having your senior photos taken is an exciting time!  Ensure you take advantage of this experience and take photos that reflect your personality and what’s special to you by following a few tips.
The majority of questions that I receive about senior sessions center on the wardrobe.
 So let’s start with the big C’s: Comfort, confidence and coordination.
  • Comfort: Make sure you choose something that you feel comfortable moving in.  Also keep in mind the season.  If you’re taking photos during the winter, or early spring/late fall don’t try to get away with wearing a summer dress.  (Unless you’re having an abnormally warm day!)  You will freeze and it will show.
  • Confidence: Choose pieces that make you feel good. Don’t try to squeeze into jeans that cut circulation off or wear a dress that is too short.  You will be rigid when moving and not be able to fully enjoy your time in front of the camera.  Find items that make you go, “Yeah, I look good!”  You want to feel great, so it will shine through in your photos.
  • Accessorize and Add Texture: Think about adding a scarf, hat, jewelry, vest, jacket, etc. for an added umph to pull your outfit together, but make sure not to over do it.  If you’re not sure if you’re over doing it or not, bring it all along and ask the photographer’s opinion.  Better to have too much than not enough! For texture, use different clothing materials such as tweed, lace, ruffles, crochet, etc.IMG_1706
    And don’t forget your shoes.  This is the most often part that people don’t put thought into.  Think about what will complete your look and don’t just throw on some sneakers (unless that complements your look.)  Sometimes going barefoot looks best!  Don’t be afraid to make suggestions if you would like photos barefoot and your photographers hasn’t suggested it yet.
  • Patterns, and graphics, and logos, oh my!: Patterns are okay if used sparingly. Try to avoid articles of clothing with logos or graphics.
  • Number of Outfits: Depending on your photographer you could have anywhere from one to four outfit changes.  I personally suggest one outfit per 30 minutes.  If you do choose to have at least one outfit change try to pick different styles: a casual option– shorts/pants and a nice top, and a dressier option–dress for a girl and slacks and a button down for a boy.
  • Personalize:  Now is the time to really show off who YOU are and what makes you special!  Do you play a sport?  Bring some equipment! Are you a total book worm?  Bring a bunch of books!  Shoe addict?  Bring all of your favorite pairs!  The photos that are truly unique to your personality tend to be the most fun!IMG_5278 
Visit the Pinterest board I created that has some different ideas for color schemes that might give you ideas!
And have fun!

Senior Rep Program

KP Photography is searching for High School Senior Reps for the Class of 2016!  If you are currently a junior and will be graduating next year or know someone who might be interested in being a senior rep take a look at the information below!IMG_0810

What do you get for being a Senior Rep?

  • A standard senior portrait session (approximately 1 hour, up to 2 outfit changes and up to 2 locations) for FREE during Summer 2015 where you will receive 20+ photos!
  • A Senior Rep spotlight blog post, featuring you, and your hobbies & interests!
  • Your favorite photos to share on social networking sites.
  • Each senior that comes to KP Photography with a special code I give you gets a discount.  It also builds YOU a great incentive.  Below is the incentive list based on how many BOOKED and PAID one hour senior sessions KP Photography receives from your referrals.

-5 Booked Sessions = $25 gift card to your favorite local store

-10 Booked Sessions = $50 gift card to your favorite local store

-20+ Booked Sessions = $100 gift card to your favorite local store

After we finish our senior season (usually around the beginning of December) we’ll tally up your referrals and send you a gift card!

Senior Rep Requirements:

  • You must currently be a 2015 Junior, graduating in 2016.
  • You must live in the Watkinsville/Athens area. (Email me if you’re not sure if you qualify!)
  • Have great style, an outgoing personality and enjoy being in front of the camera.
  • Have a online social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…etc.)
  • Agree to tell your friends and classmates about KP Photography and share your senior portraits with them.
  • Have your parents or legal guardians sign a release form.
  • You and your parents must agree to promote only KP Photography for your senior portraits from the time of acceptance through the entire 2016 school year.
  • Become a fan of the KP Photography Facebook Page and encourage friends and family to do the same.
  • You are responsible for sending KP Photography a minimum of 3 referrals. These referrals must book, pay for, and complete their one hour senior session by December 1st 2015.
  • If a minimum of 3 referrals is not met by December 1st 2015, you will be responsible to pay for 50% of your full senior session fee.

You only receive credit for referrals during the duration of the referral program, which runs from May 1, 2015 through December 1, 2015.


Terms and Conditions:  Your senior session must be completed by the end of August 2015.  Parents or legal guardians of the Senior Rep must sign a release, allowing us to use your images for advertising purposes.

Interested students should submit all information by May 1st, 2015.  Reps will be chosen by May 8th, 2015 by KP Photography. Reps will be contacted if chosen and also announced on the KP Photography Blog and Facebook page.

To apply for the KP Photography Senior Rep Program, please answer the following questions in an email to Kimberly at

Full Name:



Name of Parent or Guardian:

Email of Parent or Guardian:

What year are you graduating?

What high school do you attend?

Please take a minute to tell me about yourself.  What are your interests and hobbies?  Do you belong to any teams, clubs or organizations?

What are 3 words you would use to best describe yourself?

What forms of social media do you use? (Please include your Facebook URL)

What would make you a great representative for KP Photography?

How did you find KP Photography? (Referred by a friend, Facebook page, etc.)

Please also attach a photo of yourself!


Know anyone who is a Senior?  Share this information with them!

– Kimberly