Four Ways to Get Organized for the Photography of Your Wedding

Four Ways to Get Organized for the Photography of Your Wedding

One of the most crucial things for a newly engaged couple to do before planning a wedding is to get organized!  Getting great images of your wedding does not rely solely on your photographer.  It takes some work on your part as well.

Here are a few tips to help the photography part of your day run smoothly:

1.  Special Photos.  Have Specific Photo Ideas In Mind?  Let your photographer know when you think of it!  If a thought pops into your mind goahead and shoot your photographer an email or text before you forget!  They can add it to their list or go ahead and start plans on how to get this idea.

I had one couple who had a reception in a hotel and wanted photos of them jumping on the bed the room they had booked for the night.  They told me their idea PLENTY of time in advance and we worked it into our plan to duck out of the reception towards the end.


It’s also a good idea to mention if you have any props you want to incorporate in the photos.  IMG_6580

 2. Family Portraits.  Have a list of family portraits that you want and give it to the photographer ahead of time.  Include names so the photographer can simply call them out.  This allows family portraits to run much smoother and go quickly.  Also let your photographer know if there are any tricky situations (i.e. divorced parents that don’t get along) give your photographer a heads up to help avoid any awkward moments.

Tip: Tell your family the plan for the family portraits.  Are you having them done immediately after the ceremony?  Make phone calls or write a personal note to ask them before the big day to plan to stick around after the ceremony so you don’t have to get people herding them back together.  You will appreciate putting in the extra effort ahead of time and saving those are precious minutes the day of.IMG_5028

3.  Assistance.  In addition to having a list of family portraits ready to go, think about designating a close friend of the family or even an aunt who knows all the faces in the family to assist the photographer in wrangling family members.  In most cases the photographer doesn’t know your family and won’t be able to put faces to names.  Therefore he or she won’t know if Uncle Bob is in the room or not.  Again, this will save time and anxiety for you!  

4.  Last, and possibly most important, BE ON TIME.  If you plan with your photographer to be at the venue at 3:00 p.m. to begin photos make sure you allow plenty of time for hair and make up (if you aren’t having those photographed) and travel.  Be prepared for hair or make up to take a little longer than planned or for you to hit some traffic and go ahead and build in some breathing room.  Worst-case scenario: you arrive at the venue early and have some extra time to relax or do finishing touches.

4 Advantages to Having a First Look at Your Wedding

What is a first look?  A “first look” puts a twist on the traditional wedding and allows the bride and groom a special, private moment to see see each other before the ceremony.

1.  Get to the Party Sooner:  Having a first look allows you to get all, or at least the majority of your posed photos and family photos out of the way before the ceremony.  This means you can head to the reception immediately after the ceremony to spend time with your guests and show your moves on the dance floor!  If you still have all of your family portraits, plus wedding party portraits and finally portraits of you and your significant other, either you keep your guests waiting at the reception or you are rushed for photos.

2.  More Time for Photos and Better Photos: You will also have MORE time for all of the photos you’d love to have together!  With a first look you have more time together during the course of the day, which means you have more photos together.   And again, you’d be taking them before the ceremony and have a much more relaxed setting, which leads to the fact that you would be able to hand pick a location rather than simply having it where you say your I Do’s.  See a gorgeous cotton field behind the church?  Perfect.  Or a giant oak tree across the field from where the altar is set up? Let’s go!

3.  A Special Moment: A first look is an incredibly special experience that only happens once.  It allows you to have an intimate moment to fully embrace your emotions in a whirlwind of a day .  Your first look is able to be about the TWO of you. (And you’re also able to talk, laugh and cry freely without worry!)  All the while I’m standing far away with a long lens, so y’all can really soak in the moment.  And from then on you get to spend the day together!  Without a first look often times couples don’t get a moment by themselves until after they leave the reception.
4.  Calm Nerves: Let’s be serious, your wedding day is magical, memorable, wonderful…and a tad bit nerve-wrecking.  Whether you’re worried about the caterer being late, the flower girl not cooperating, or the weather — there are a lot of things going on in your mind.  So why be separated from your significant other, the one you WANT to be spending the day with and who can probably ease your nerves best of all?  Brides and grooms that choose to have a first look are overall more relaxed when it’s ceremony time.
In the end it comes down to YOU and your significant other.  It’s your wedding day so you should always choose what you feel best fits your needs!